Stands mounting instructions

The maximum weight authorized in the Exhibition hall is 500 kg per square meter.

The placement of materials in common areas or other exhibitors' stands is prohibited. Common areas must be only devoted to circulation of people and materials.

Exhibitors agree to keep clean their stand and its environment.

The access to the facilities of the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, (from now on Congress Hall) Hall must always be from the Service Door (Torremelina Street). Whenever the parking is used for any loadings / unloading of materials. Then the parking lot access can be used.

To displace goods, it is obligatory to use the lifts which depart from the Basement 1. It is prohibited to use the lifts destined for people. For exceptional reasons, the Security and Coordination Departments Direction of the Congress Hall will be able to authorize other options for the load and unload of materials.

Lift number 8 (Gran Montacargas) is only available for goods, not for people.

It is prohibited to move the furniture of the Congress Hall without previous authorization from the Coordination and Security Departments. It is prohibited to leave material or clothes on the above mentioned furniture.

When materials are brought for the assembly, the transportation vehicle will be entirely discharged and the vehicle will leave the wharf, speeding up the manoeuvres of the rest of participants.

Electrical and other mechanical equipment must be muffled so that the noise does not disturb other exhibitors or other areas of the Congress Hall.

The Congress Hall and/or Organizers will not be responsible for any item or material that has not been removed once the event is finished. The Congress Hall will proceed to remove/take away them. Any related expenses will be charged to the responsible company.

Following aspects need to be contracted well in advance directly to the Congress Hall (all of them will be separately invoiced):

  • Extra electric power, goods delivering, technical assistance personnel and/or special assemblies.
  • Rigging services or works in height.
  • Telephone lines and/or faxes.

Hanging equipment and/or effects from the ceiling only can be done if the Organizers and the Congress Hall authorize to do so.

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